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Recruitment for academic year 2024/2025 is open.

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About the program

The innovative MBA KSB + Clark Master studies are organized by Krakow School of Business KUE in cooperation with Clark University in Worcester, USA. This program is aimed to people aspiring to take managerial positions, as well as owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.




class hours


international faculty

2 years

min. professional experience


completed editions


number of alumni

29 years

average age of participants



What makes MBA KSB + Clark Master unique?


> Program is a unique offer combining an academic Master Studies delivered according to Clark University requirements and a business practice oriented MBA program;
> All faculty members have extensive academic and business experience. The staff consists of Clark University and Krakow University of Economics lecturers, as well as business practicians working in international environments. Nearly 50% of the program’s faculty are international lecturers;
> Participants have diverse professional background and experience. The program allows them to exchange their experience and knowledge to further improve the learning experience;
> Program is conducted fully in English.


Krakow School of Business KUE is the official branch campus of Clark University USA, accredited by New England Commision of Higher Education (NECHE).

Diploma prestige

Graduates receive:

>  Master of Science in Communication degree, granted by Clark University (USA),
> MBA in Managerial Communication diploma (or according to the chosen specialization: MBA in Managerial Communication with specialization in IT Systems or MBA in Managerial Communication with specialization in Healthcare Management or MBA in Managerial Communication with specialization in Human Resource Management), granted by Krakow School of Business KUE.

Diplomas are granted by renowned academic institutions, which provide highest quality education verified by international accreditations and international rankings.


The KSB Alumni MBA Club gathers our MBA participants and graduates. Krakow School of Business is the only institution in Poland that organizes yearly International MBA Congress. This event gathers MBA students and lecturers, as well as people from business and academic environments. This is a great opportunity to create and integrate the networking platform of business professionals, which allows for tremendous exchange of experience. The knowledge and newest trends in global economy which are transmitted during the panels and meetings allow the students and alumni to better understand the contemporary business challenges.

Student profile

> The MBA KSB + Clark Master Program is aimed at people aspiring to take managerial positions, as well as owners of small and medium-sized enterprises;
> From candidates we require a university degree diploma, very good command of English and at least two years of professional experience. We also ask to provide three reference letters from business partners;
> We seek candidates with a good orientation in the business environment, with knowledge and experience, as well as flexibility, open-minded attitude and readiness to share their experience with other program participants.

Study program

The classes are conducted in diverse forms: lectures, discussions, debates, case studies, workshops, and decision games to encourage networking, exchange of knowledge and experience between program participants. The additional MBA specializations include courses tailored to today’s business practices.

MSC Courses


MBA Courses


> Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Communication
> Project Management
> Fundamentals of Business Analysis
> Global Marketing
> Marketing and Communication Strategies
> PR in the Digital Age
> Multi Channel Communication
> Communicating Responsibility
> Change Management
> Capstone Practicum





> Human Resource Management
> Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management


> Healthcare Policy
> Issues and Cases in Healthcare


> Customer Relationship Management
> IT Strategy Leadership

We reserve the right to change the program curriculum.

Get to know us

Partner School

Clark University is a scientific research institution founded in 1887. It is one of the oldest institutions in the United States offering a Master’s Degree Diploma. The Forbes ranked Clark University 16th among 650 US universities in the category of “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities”.

Program organization

> MBA KSB + Clark Master Program lasts 2 years (4 semesters), during which classes are held on the weekends. Additionally the third and fourth semesters are devoted to the practical implementation of the dissertation (Capstone Project) to address the needs of an outside company;
>The program contains 410 hours of classes;
> 100% of classes are conducted in English.
> The meetings are held on the weekends:
– Fridays (4 p.m. – 9 p.m.),
– Saturdays and Sundays (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.),
> There are approximately 10 course session meetings per academic year (once or twice a month).


A candidate for the MBA studies must meet the following formal requirements:

> have a university degree diploma confirming completion of I or II cycle degree studies
> have a good command of English
> have professional experience (minimum two years total, without the necessity of having held a managerial position)

Enrolment stages step-by-step

  • cover letter
  • copy of a higher education diploma (original must be provided for verification)
  • current CV
  • certificates of completion of additional courses, trainings
  • 1 passport format photograph
  • application form for the MBA studies – in the case of financing or co-financing the studies by the employer or in the case of self-employment
  • Verification of the provided documents and the consent to the continuation of the recruitment process.


  • Admissions Committee KSB KUE conducts the interview to obtain an insight into the professional profiles of the candidates, their motivations and the goals they want to achieve in the future.
  • The Committee consists of KSB and KUE authorities (Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs, The Chancellor, KSB Director), business partners, representatives of MBA alumni (The President of the KSB Alumni MBA Club), Member of Educational Quality Team KSB KUE, MBA KSB + Master Program Director and Program Coordinator.
  • The Admission Test, which is a logical and analytical English test (modelled on the US GMAT test) as well as psychological test, must be taken. It is organized by KSB KUE. The Admission Test is divided into 3 parts covering English proficiency level, logical thinking skills and the ability to work under the time pressure. Possessing certificates confirming the level of English proficiency does not exempt the Admission Test.
  • Admission Test Sample
  • The Admission Test does not have to be passed by candidates who:

    • come from the country in which the official language is English
    • have a diploma of graduation from studies at which language of lectures was English
    • have one of the following language certificates:
      – TOEFL iBt – min. 90 points
      – IELTS – min. level 6
      – TOEIC – min. 785 points
      – FCE – min. grade A
      – CAE – regardless of the result
      – CPE – regardless of the result
  • Decision by the KSB KUE Admissions Committee whether or not to accept the candidate for the MBA studies
  • Informing the candidate of the recruitment process result and sending a letter confirming admission to the MBA studies.

Costs and fees

The cost of full MBA KSB + Clark Master Program is 10 000 € or 44 000 PLN

Enrolment fee

> Before the personal interview the candidate should make the non-refundable payment of the recruitment fee of 450 PLN or 100 EUR;
> Individual payment in PLN in the IRK system (in EUR on request);
Company payment (employer or other entity) in PLN (after receiving pro-forma invoice);
The condition of receiving the pro-forma invoice is prior submission of the application form for the MBA studies.

Program price includes:

> all obligatory courses carried out during the program,
> Study Trip Poland*,
> possibility of participating in two editions of International MBA Congress (on the first and the second year of the program),
> printed teaching materials for selected courses,
> exams,
> defense of the dissertation (Capstone Project)
> access to Learning Management System supporting the learning process,
> supporting of the teaching process – access to Learning Management System,
> access to Krakow University of Economics library and its online databases,
> meetings with business leaders within the KSB Alumni MBA Club,
> WiFi Internet access,
> coffee breaks during classes,
> free parking at the University campus,
> access to School facilities (chill-out room, kitchen, rooms for individual and group work).

*the main costs of participation in the trip are covered by KSB KUE (travel costs not included)

Payment conditions:

Student covers the studies costs him/herself or they are covered by a company/institution. 
> Individual payment in EUR or in PLN.
> Company payment (employer or other entity) in PLN (after receiving pro-forma invoice).
The condition of receiving the pro-forma invoice is prior submission of the application form.

There is a possibility to pay in installments as below:
1st installment – 50% of the fee
2nd installment – 25% of the fee
3rd installment – 25% of the fee

Installment must be paid until the beginning of each semester.

Financial Aid

All candidates can:

> seek funding or co-funding from their employer,
> seek funding or co-funding from Krajowy Fundusz Szkoleniowy

Sponsorship tax credit

> An employer who pays college expenses for his employees may include these costs as deductible expenses, thereby reducing their tax base. At the same time (in addition to that), he can deduct 50% of this amount from the tax base – taking advantage of the so-called sponsorship tax credit. For more information, visit: Polski Ład – ulga na sponsoring (

MBA funding – Click to see more details


Graduates Receive:

Master of Science in Communication diploma (MSC degree) granted by Clark University USA,
> MBA in Managerial Communication diploma (or according to the chosen specialization: MBA in Managerial Communication with specialization in IT Systems or MBA in Managerial Communication with specialization in Healthcare Management or MBA in Managerial Communication with specialization in Human Resource Management) granted by Krakow School of Business at Krakow University of Economics,
> certificate of completion of postgraduate studies (świadectwo ukończenia studiów podyplomowych),
> transcript of academic records.


prof. assoc. Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska, Ph.D.

Piotr Wójtowicz, photo

prof. assoc. Piotr Wójtowicz, Ph.D.

Teresa Simoneau-Berquez, MSc.

Ireneusz Górowski, Ph.D.

Tomasz Mendelski, MSc.

Romana Paszkowska, MA

Monika Sady, Ph.D.

Maura Webster, MSc.

Paweł Schmidt, Ph.D.

Piotr Sedlak, Ph.D.

Julie Crowin photo

Julie Corwin, MA

Magdalena Adamczyk-Kowalczuk photo

Magdalena Adamczyk-Kowalczuk, Ph.D.

Anna Dolot, Ph.D.

Paweł Morawski, Ph.D.

Luca Bertocci - photo

Luca Bertocci, MSc.

photo placeholder

Anna Rząca, MA

photo placeholder

Katarzyna Sztokfisz, MSc.

photo placeholder

Piotr Sarecki, MBA


MBA KSB + Clark Master Rankings:


In the MBA Perspektywy® 2021 Ranking, the MBA KSB + Clark Master Program took:
> 14th place among the best MBA studies in Poland,
> 7th in the Program Content category (the ranking considers i.a.: requirements, study program, foreign sessions),
> 5th place in the category Best MBA Programs 2021 in the opinion of graduates.


> The MBA KSB + Clark Master Program found itself in the highest Master Class category in the MBA rating developed by the FORUM Association of Management Education. 

Why choose to study MBA KSB + Clark Master in Krakow

> Beautiful green campus situated in downtown Kraków;
> Access to all academic resources of the largest Polish economic university;
> Modern educational infrastructure dedicated exclusively for MBA students;
> Possibility of participation in the International MBA Congress held annually by the Krakow School of Business KUE.

Contact us!

Monika Bulsza, MSc.

Head of MBA Office

assoc. prof. Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska, Ph.D.

Program Director

Łukasz Czyż, BSc.

Program Coordinator

tel. +48 12 293 75 53
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