Study Trip France KSB KUE - Krakow School of Business

Study Trip France KSB KUE

Study Trip France KSB KUE

Krakow School of Business KUE  Study Trip France in Paris – a vital component of the Executive MBA Program.

This trip provides a rare chance to explore international business realities through a diverse range of activities. The itinerary includes a deep-dive seminar on luxury goods, company visits, presentations, and lectures, from EM Normandie top faculty.

From March 21 to 24, 2023, over 30 participants from Krakow School of Business KUE joined in!

They commenced by visiting the iconic Opera Garnier, a 19th-century masterpiece commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III. This opulent venue continues to enthrall music and theater enthusiasts. Close by, Place Vendôme beckons with its 40-meter column topped by Emperor Napoleon I’s statue, surrounded by upscale boutiques and jewelers. The first day ends with a glamourous dinner right next to the Eiffel Tower.

On the following day, participants explored the historic campus of EM Normandie Business School (EMBA Partner School). They engaged in classes focusing on storytelling and brand development, with Chanel as a prominent case study. A major highlight was the trip to Oracle’s French branch, a global software giant. Participants gained insights into the company’s sustainability-driven business transformation strategy.

Finally, the last day of the trip featured visits to Montres Breguet and La Galerie Dior. At Breguet, students marveled at watches worn by aristocrats and rulers. Sonia Teles, the boutique’s director, shared the brand’s rich history. La Galerie Dior showcased haute couture collections and iconic Christian Dior dresses, offering a glimpse into exclusive tailoring.

The Study Trip Paris greatly enriched the knowledge of Executive MBA participants, preparing them for Global Marketing course presentations and fostering personal growth.

In conclusion, the Study Trip Paris provides a distinctive educational experience. It combines academic learning with practical insights into luxury markets, brand development, and sustainability strategies. Finally, it also encourages collaboration among institutions, laying the groundwork for future initiatives

Visit in the EM Normandie Business School Building
EMBA Pparticipants during the 1st day of Study Trip Paris 2023
EMBA participants sitting on the stairs at Opera Garnier
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