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About the Program

Recruitment for MBA Programs for the academic year 2023/2024 is open!

Sign up until 30th September!

Executive MBA at Krakow School of Business is a two-year program that provides you with a deep transformational learning experience empowering you to achieve your professional goals. It is targeted at middle and senior managers as well as business owners who want to improve their skills in leading people and organizations.
We invite you to a unique community of people from the world of business and academia, where in a personalized and interactive environment you will strengthen your managerial competence, develop self-awareness and better prepare to address contemporary and future business challenges.




class hours


international faculty

5 years

min. managerial experience


completed editions


number of alumni

38 years

average age of participants



Student Profile

> The Executive MBA Program carried out at the Krakow School of Business KUE is addressed to business owners, middle and senior managers, including current and future management board members, who aim to acquire General Management competence.
> From candidates we require a university degree diploma, very good command of English and at least five years of managerial experience. We also ask to provide two reference letters from business partners. 
> We seek candidates with a good orientation in the business environment, with knowledge and experience, as well as flexibility, open-minded attitude and readiness to share their experience with other program participants.
> MBA studies are demanding and are meant to deliver top quality learning experience, hence the recruitement process is carefully designed and multi-staged. It is our responsibility to optimize the selection of candidates based on their education profile, length of professional experience, positions held, areas and scope of responsibilities.

Women in MBA

The Executive MBA Program serves women to accelerate their careers and fulfill their potential as leaders. The program is designed to enable experienced professionals gain executive level acumen and serves business to establish gender diversity in management.

Uncomfortable facts:

of all Fortune 500 companies, only 8.8% have women CEOs (Forbes, 2022)
Among European countries, Poland has the second lowest percentage of women on boards and below average percentages of women at the executive level (European Women on Boards Gender Diversity Report 2021).
The share of female program participants in MBA programs in Europe is around 30% across the years.

Our goal is to raise the share of women in the Executive MBA to at least 40% until 2025 and this way contribute to gender parity in top management in Poland.

We have asked our women program participants what is holding women back and four main factors stand out:

  • Lack of immediate female role models
  • Being overburdened with long working hours and family duties
  • High MBA costs and being financially more cautious than men
  • Undervaluing their own experience and potential

If you experience any of these factors and hold hesitations regarding taking up an MBA, please watch short testimonies of our MBA women participants – these voices really matter! Together we can break every glass ceiling and empower fabulous women to achieve their personal and professional goals!

Study Program

The program goals are realized through a challenging and ambitious curriculum. Throughout the program participants engage in a process of self-discovery, self-reflection and self-development. The program structure is based on four modules. The modules’ content is spread across semesters, so that each semester of the program contains courses from different modules. As the program is designed for participants with a diverse educational and professional background, it is structured in a gradual way to introduce first, the basic content related to various areas of management, then to gradually immerse participants into more advanced and complex concepts and interdependencies.

Module I


> Leading Self
    – Personal Development Seminar and Individual Coaching
> Leading Others
    – Leadership and Change Management
    – Leadership and Change Management Workshop
> Leading with Impact
    – Public Speaking Masterclass
    – Business Communication with Storytelling
> Concluding the Journey

Module II


> Relational Economics
> Global Marketing
> People Performance Management
> International Business
> Business Game


Module III


> Strategic Financial Management
> Managerial Accounting
> International Taxation
> Corporate Governance
> Sustainability Performance

Module IV


> Organization Design and New Business Models
> Project Portfolio Management
> Customer Centricity in the Digital Age
> Innovation Technology Transformation
> Corporate Entrepreneurship in Action
> Data Driven Innovation


> MBA Induction
> Research Skills and Data Analysis I and II
> MBA Dissertation Seminar
> Using Academic and Business Data Bases
> International MBA Congress
> Study Trip Poland
> Study Trip France
> Elective Courses


Get to know us

Partner Schools

The School was founded in Le Havre in 1871 and is one of the oldest French business schools. It has 5 campuses in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford and Dublin.

Founded in 1980, it is the oldest business school in Portugal and since its beginning maintains a strong leadership position as a leader in Executive Education. The School operates two campuses in Lisbon and Oporto.

Program organization

> Executive MBA studies last 2 years (4 semesters), during which classes divided into competence areas are conducted. The third and fourth semester is additionally dedicated to write a final dissertation.
> The studies comprise 1760 hours (510 class hours and 1250 hours of personal work);
100% of classes are conducted in English. English is used during some assessments, examinations and while preparing and defending the MBA dissertation.
The meetings are held on:
– Friday between 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.,
– Saturday and Sunday between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
There are 10 meetings per academic year (once or twice a month).


A candidate for the MBA studies must meet the following formal requirements:

> have a university degree diploma confirming completion of Bachelor or Master studies,
> have a very good command of English,
> have min. 5 years of managerial experience (or high-class specialist).

Krakow School of Business takes much care in optimizing the diversity of participants within each program edition. We take into account various criteria such as partcipants’ professional backgrounds, experience, their current position within the firm, as well as the firm’s position on the market, its sector and industry. All these variables ensure a rich learning environment with access to various knowledge pools which enahnces the learning experience for program participants.

Enrolment stages step-by-step

  • cover letter
  • copy of a higher education diploma (original must be provided for verification)
  • current CV
  • certificates of completion of additional courses, trainings
  • 1 passport format photograph
  • application form for the MBA studies – in the case of financing or co-financing the studies by the employer or in the case of self-employment
  • Verification of the provided documents and the consent to the continuation of the recruitment process.
  • Providing 2 reference letters from superiors or business partners.
  • KSB KUE Admissions Committee conducts a personal interview to obtain an insight into the professional profiles of the candidates, their motivations and the goals they want to achieve in the future. The Committee consists of experienced managers – alumni of the MBA program and representatives of the School and University, among others: School Director, MBA Program Director or University authorities.
  • The Admission Test, which is a logical and analytical English test (modelled on the US GMAT test) as well as psychological test, must be taken as a mandatory part of the admission process. It is organized by KSB KUE. The Admission Test is divided into 3 parts covering English proficiency, logical thinking skills, the ability to do mathematical calculation and work under time pressure. Priorly obtained certificates confirming the level of English proficiency do not exempt candidates from the Admission Test.
  • Admission Test Sample
  • Decision by theKCSB KUE Admissions Committee whether or not to accept the candidate for the MBA studies
  • Informing the candidate of the recruitment process result and sending a letter confirming admission to the MBA studies.

Costs and Fees

The cost of full Executive MBA Program is 14 500 € or 65 000 PLN (without the second Study Trip – Lisbon*)/16 500 € or 74 000 PLN (with the second Study Trip – Lisbon*)

*travel costs not included

Program price includes:

> all obligatory courses carried out during the program,
> Study Trip Poland*,
> Study Trip to Partner School*,
> participation in two editions of International MBA Congress (on the first and the second year of the program),
> printed teaching materials for selected courses,
defense of the MBA dissertation,
supporting of the teaching process – access to Learning Management System,
access to Krakow University of Economics Library and its online databases,
dedicated sessions supporting career development,
> meetings with business leaders within the KSB Alumni MBA Club,
WiFi Internet access,
coffee breaks during the classes,
free parking at the University campus,
> access to School facilities.

* The main costs of participation in the trip are covered by KSB KUE (travel costs not included)

> Student covers the studies costs him/herself or they are covered by a company/institution. 
> Individual payment in EUR or in PLN.
Company payment (employer or other entity) in PLN (after receiving pro-forma invoice).
The condition of receiving the pro-forma invoice is prior submission of the application form.
There is a possibility to pay in installments as below:

1st installment – 30% of the fee,
2nd installment – 25% of the fee,
3rd installment – 25% of the fee,
4th installment – 20% of the fee.

Installment must be paid until the beginning of each semester.

Financial Aid

All candidates can:

> seek funding or co-funding from their employer,
> seek funding or co-funding from Krajowy Fundusz Szkoleniowy

Sponsorship tax credit

> An employer who pays college expenses for his employees may include these costs as deductible expenses, thereby reducing their tax base. At the same time (in addition to that), he can deduct 50% of this amount from the tax base – taking advantage of the so-called sponsorship tax credit. For more information, visit: Polski Ład – ulga na sponsoring (

MBA funding – Click to see more details

Enrolment fee

> Before the personal interview the candidate should make the non-refundable payment of the recruitment fee of 850 PLN or 200 EUR
> Individual payment in PLN in the IRK system (in EUR on request)
> Company payment (employer or other entity) in PLN (after receiving pro-forma invoice)
> The condition of receiving the pro-forma invoice is prior submission of the application form for the MBA studies


After the defense of the MBA dissertation student receives:

> Executive MBA diploma granted by Krakow School of Business at Krakow University of Economics in cooperation with EM Normandie Business School from France and AESE Business School from Portugal,
> certificate of completion of postgraduate studies Executive MBA,
> transcript of academic records.


dr Bartłomiej Biga

Renzo Casapia

dr Vanessa Collingridge

Anna Curyło, MSc, MBA

prof. Wojciech Czakon

prof. Marek Ćwiklicki

prof. Marek Dąbrowski

dr Anna Dolot

dr Christian Friedl

Sébastien Girard

prof. Marcin Jędrzejczyk

Oktawiusz Kacza, MBA

dr Tomasz Kasprowicz, CFA

prof. Pedro Leao, MBA

Mateusz Młynarczyk, MBA

Eurico Nobre, MBA

mgr Dawid Ostręga

Magdalena Petryniak

mgr Kamila Pilch

prof. Michel Poté

Przemysław Powalacz, MBA

prof. Ian Richardson

dr Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska

dr inż. Paweł Schmidt

Jef Teugels, MBA

Ivan Yakunin


Program Executive MBA carried out by Krakow School of Business KUE is awarded by a prestigious Program Accreditation granted by European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

The goal of the EFMD Accreditation system is the identification of top MBA programs in Europe and worldwide. This label is thus a confirmation of highest international standards in MBA education and proof that Executive MBA program at KSB KUE is tailored to the needs of the business ecosystem. This relevance is a key aspect for managerial education. Krakow School of Business KUE is thus within an elite group of institutions that are proud to wear the EFMD Accreditation label. Only 122 programs across the world have earned the EFMD Accreditation.

Executive MBA Rankings:


In 2022 Programme has been included in the prestigious QS World University Rankings. For the first time, the Executive MBA program participated in the QS World Ranking of MBA programs along with 191 best universities from around the world.

Executive MBA Programme achieved its highest result in the category “Executive Profile”, where the QS ranking appreciated the level of experience of the program participants (mostly classified as C-suite executives), taking 26th place globally, and EMBA “Career Outcomes” were ranked in the middle of the global ranking. In the European ranking, the “Executive Profile” came 15th, and “Career Outcomes” came 44th among European business schools.


In the MBA Perspektywy® 2021 Ranking, the Executive MBA program took:

> 2nd place in the category Best MBA Programs 2021 in the opinion of graduates,
> 8th place among the best MBA studies in Poland,
10th place in the Faculty team category (the ranking considers i.a.: high qualifications of lecturers: business practitioners and foreign faculty).


In 2020, the Executive MBA Program found itself in the highest Master Class category in the MBA rating developed by the FORUM Association of Management Education.     


Contact us!

Monika Bulsza, MSc.

Head of MBA Office

Agnieszka Żur, Ph.D.

Program Director

Martyna Frydrychowska-Bogacka, MSc

Program Coordinator

tel. +48 12 293 75 51
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