Study Trip Poland KSB KUE - Krakow School of Business

Study Trip Poland KSB KUE

Study Trip Poland KSB

Study Trip Poland KSB KUE

Study Trip Poland at Krakow School of Business KUE is an exciting educational event that combines learning, networking, and leisure activities. This trip is designed for MBA Participants, offering a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge and connect with fellow participants. The program takes place in picturesque locations and includes a variety of activities to enrich the overall experience.

Study Trip Poland at Krakow School of Business KUE – Lanckorona (June 23rd-25th, 2023)

The Study Trip to Lanckorona took place from the 23rd to the 25th of June. This event was tailored for MBA KSB + Clark Master’s program participants. On the first day, a warm welcome was extended during the welcome meeting, hosted by Director of the MBA KSB + Clark Master Program – assoc. prof. Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska, Ph.D. and Coordinator of the Program – Łukasz Czyż. The evening kicked off with social games and a fun magic trick presented by Łukasz. Attendees had a chance to win Clark University merchandise during the event.

On the second day, the morning started with a workshop on Managerial Economics by Paweł Milka, MSc, split into two parts. A continuous coffee break allowed participants to recharge throughout the workshop. The afternoon featured sightseeing with a guide and the third part of the Managerial Economics Workshop as a field component. In the evening, a closing BBQ party and networking event took place, with a casual dress code.

Study Trip Poland at Krakow School of Business KUE – Krynica Zdrój (November 4th-6th, 2022)

The Study Trip to Krynica Zdrój occurred from the 4th to the 6th of November, designed for participants of the Executive MBA & International MBA Programs. The 1st day’s activities included a choice between two workshops: “Acting Workshop For Business People” led by Don Allen or “Time As Your Biggest Asset” led by Klaudyna Smith. Participants were assigned to specific workshop groups upon arrival. The evening concluded with a buffet dinner with an informal/business dress code.

Saturday, the 5th of November, began with the continuation of the selected workshops. Later in the day, participants attended a workshop on Business Etiquette by Izabela van den Bossche. In the evening, a festive dinner was held at a restaurant with a semi-formal dress code, and festivities continued with networking, a buffet, and a dance floor.

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