KSB Vision and Mission - Krakow School of Business

KSB Vision and Mission

KSB Vision
KSB's vision: Krakow School of Business is the leader in postgraduate business education in Poland and number one for MBA studies in the CEE region. The School is known for delivering the very latest advances in business theory and practice and throught extensive stakeholder engagement provides a valuesd hub for thought leadership and economic development in Poland. Mission Krakow School of Business delivers hight quality business and management education services that empower individuals to create value for organizations and society as a whole. Our commitment to proactively address regional needs and respond to global ealities is expressed through a relentless drive for continous improvement and stakeholder engagement. Merging latest academic research and best business practice our programmes - delivered in partnership between international teaching faculty, professional administrative estaff and highly motivated participants - contribute to top levels of learning, development and growth in Poland.
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