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Postgraduate studies:

Global Business Management & Analysis

in English

The postgraduate study course Global Business Management & Analysis is a comprehensive, two-semester postgraduate degree course conducted in English. It is a response of the Cracow School of Business to the challenges related to analysing and processing business data and management in international business. One of the foundations of the studies is based on the idea of a holistic approach to data management, corporate architecture, and current conditions for running a business on an international scale.

The target group of this study course are foreigners, employees of companies (mainly international corporations) and institutions related to the business services sector, data analysis, business process analysts, project managers, members of project teams from the finance sector and more. The target group also includes people planning to gain knowledge and new competencies in international business development, management and data analysis.

Goal of study:

This study course aims to prepare the participants of postgraduate studies to fulfil the role of a leader in a multicultural team, a business analyst or a manager of a team in an international institution. Students will learn how to conduct research, assess and document business models, and understand the mechanisms of solving possible organisational difficulties in international business. Particular emphasis will be put on identifying requirements for business processes and IT solutions, as well as learning about the tools of a team leader, teamwork and international business analysis. A vital element of the studies is to prepare the student from the economic and organisational side and provide them with interpersonal skills and competencies in the creative thinking and teamwork field.

Duration of studies and number of hours:

The postgraduate study course is a part-time study (weekend classes from Friday until Sunday, usually every second weekend). The classes are stationary (face-to-face) and held on the Krakow University of Economics campus. The course consists of 190 hours of classes and lasts two semesters—applied language: English 100%.

Conditions and method of completing the studies:

The condition for obtaining credit for each subject is attendance. Each semester ends with a written exam. At the end of the course, students take the final exam.

Semester fee

3500 zł/semestr

Form of study


Number of study hours

190 godzin
2 semestry


Final exam

Director fo the field

Arkadiusz Mroczek, Ph.D.


Manager of the field
mgr Sylwia Szkołut

Study Program

  1. International Economics
  2. Global Economy and Geopolitics of Corporations
  3. International Business Negotiations
  4. Technological Upgrading and Labour Market
  5. Strategic Management 
  6. Digital Marketing & PR
  7. Energy Transformation Management
  8. Diversity and Human Resources Management
  9. Change Management
  10. International Finance
  11. International Accounting
  12. Descriptive Statistics in International Trade and Business
  13. Business Analysis – Introduction
  14. Computer-Aided Data Analysis in International Business
  15. Advanced Excel – Power BI/Query – certified
  16. Project Management – AgilePM/BA – certified


mgr Justyna Borowiec

Tomasz Czechowski

Remigiusz Gawlik Ph.D.

Prof. UEK dr hab. Bartosz Kurek

Lidia Mesjasz Ph.D.

prof. UEK dr hab. Urban Pauli

dr Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska

Remigiusz Gawlik Ph.D.

mgr Łukasz Słoniowski

dr hab. Piotr Stanek

Prof. Marek Szarucki

mgr Karolina Zmitrowicz

dr Marta Ulbrych

dr Ruprecht Von Heusinger

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